October 08, 2021

知道压力是影响大学生最常见的健康问题, 永利皇宫的学生健康和健康办公室(SHAW)是合作伙伴 Neolth这家公司通过培养学生的适应能力来帮助他们管理压力. 

A pilot program in spring 2021 has already yielded positive results, showing that many Grinnell students find the program helpful. 

Neolth’s digital platform and mobile app offer personalized, 通过放松练习为学生提供私人压力和心理健康支持, health tracking, educational videos, student vlogs, and livestream events. With their proprietary crisis referral system, Neolth connects students in real time to life-saving care, 包括危机短信和语音热线,以及直接转介到学校危机服务. 

Neolth connected to the College via Techstars Iowa这是一个大学/Techstars的合作项目,旨在促进和赞助创业. Grinnell partnered with Techstars in 2019 to create Techstars Iowa. Neolth的首席执行官兼创始人凯瑟琳·格里尔会见了爱荷华州Techstars的董事总经理, Kerty Levy, in February 2020; and from there the new mental health support program for Grinnell began to take shape. 

Katherine Grill
Katherine Grill, CEO & Co-founder of Neolth

格里尔是一名行为神经学家,专门从事综合和行为健康,他认识到需要使医疗更便宜, convenient, and impactful for young adults. “Neolth精神卫生保健的创新方法是独特的,因为它是为学生建立的,并与参与永利皇宫咨询委员会的250多名学生合作, internship or ambassador program. 与青少年共同设计[心理]健康项目是非常重要的,以确保他们的声音被听到,他们的需求得到满足,” Grill says. 

How it came together 

Grill met Levy at the SoGal Global Finals这是世界上规模最大的女性创业大赛,在赢得冠军后 SoGal San Francisco Regional Pitch Competition. After hearing Grill’s pitch, Levy, one of the judges, approached her about the Techstars Iowa program. “They were looking for innovative companies to join their network and, given that colleges were their industry partners, it was a good fit for us. When we were accepted, our team was thrilled, because Techstars has a less than 1% acceptance rate,” Grill says. 

Jainen (JT) Thayer, Grinnell College chief investment officer, 帮助Techstars于2019年在爱荷华州与Techstars, a company that provides support to startup tech companies. 

Terry Mason不过,在2020年春天,他第一次被引入Neolth 's Grill餐厅 Robert Gehorsham ’76, an all-star mentor at TechStars Iowa, and Thayer. At the time, Neolth was still in the development phase. Mason, Paul Valencic, 高级参谋顾问和SHAW团队同意在2020年夏天与格里尔和她的团队合作, 从大学咨询中心的角度提供见解.  

“永利皇宫会讨论功能,分享模型,演示学生和辅导员面对的解决方案. SHAW的帮助使永利皇宫的团队能够将产品付诸实践,”格里尔说. Both Neolth and Grinnell have Student Advisory Councils. Neolth’s student advisers helped with the development of the platform. 

Creating a successful pilot program 

During the 2021 spring terms, SHAW和Neolth在格林内尔大学开展了一个试点项目,有100多名学生参加. What they discovered were high sign-up and engagement rates. 格林奈尔的学生(平均)让Neolth在他们的手机或电脑上开放了21年.3 hours per week, logging in up to 28 times per week. 焦点小组显示,学生们白天在电脑上打开Neolth,作为一个安全网或舒适的来源, a resource they can immediately access if they feel overwhelmed. 

Neolth还跟踪了健康结果,发现格林内尔的学生经历了22.2% decrease in stress after eight weeks. “Based upon this result, 永利皇宫与Neolth达成了一项合同安排,从2021年9月开始向永利皇宫的所有学生免费提供他们的压力管理应用程序,” Mason says. “我鼓励任何正在经历压力和焦虑的学生尝试这个应用程序,作为阶梯护理模式的一部分. It’s a terrific resource!” 

Within a month of introducing Neolth to the entire student body, 9%的格林内尔学生使用这款应用来支持他们的心理健康. “In my work with Grinnell, I saw firsthand that Grinnell College is dedicated to student services, especially student mental health,” says Grill. “在大流行期间,永利皇宫看到学校在心理健康方面做出了一系列反应. 许多人优先考虑身体健康和安全预防措施(这很重要),但削减了心理健康预算, despite increases in student stress, anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. Grinnell is different. Even in the height of the pandemic, Dr. 梅森和他在SHAW学院的团队正在考虑如何获得心理健康支持,并解决疫情对学生心理健康的持久影响.” 

格里尔分享了Neolth对未来的计划:“永利皇宫的目标是改变学校提供心理健康的方式, using our technology to increase access to care for students. 永利皇宫正在努力为美国4000万青少年和年轻人提供他们需要的管理压力的工具, 因为永利皇宫知道心理健康是学生实现梦想的基础.”   


About Neolth  

Neolth的使命是帮助学生减轻压力,成为永利皇宫富有同情心的社区的一部分. Its app helps students build resilience with personalized relaxation practices; increase emotional awareness with health tracking; learn about mental health with expert advice videos; reduce stigma with student stories, where peers share their lived experiences; develop a sense of belonging with livestream community events; and feel safe with real-time referrals to crisis care. 

Neolth enables schools to provide affordable, 对整个学生群体提供按需护理,而辅导员则关注高需求的学生. When schools do have a waitlist, Neolth使辅导员能够为学生提供立即使用的资源. 辅导员可以通过Neolth实时更新跟踪学生在等待名单时的情况. 其影响是减轻了辅导员的工作量,增加了对学生的照顾. 

How it works: two-minute explainer video for schools and two-minute explainer video for students 

Neolth App Screenshots

About TechStars 

The worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Founded in 2006, Techstars从三个简单的理念开始——企业家创造未来, collaboration drives innovation, and great ideas can come from anywhere. 今天,它的使命是让每个人、每个地方都能获得创新. It does this by connecting startups, investors, corporations, and cities to create a more sustainable and inclusive world. 

TechStars Iowa Accelerator 

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